General queries (More technical queries are answered further down the page)

Do you charge for quotations?

No, we provide you a free, full, no obligations quotation. The only time we may charge for quotes if when required to provide a written quotation for insurance purposes.

Is there a call-out fee?

No, there is no additional call-out fee.

Do you make additional charges for travelling time?

No, we make no additional charges for travelling time.

Is your work guaranteed?

All Blackwood CCTV work is fully guaranteed. Furthermore, unless specified, all our equipment and materials are new and covered by a full 12 months warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

What are your working hours?

Besides normal working hours, we offer an evening and weekend service at no extra cost.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, cheque (with guarantee card) and also paypal. A full (VAT) receipt will also be given.

Are there any ongoing or hidden?

There are no obligatory ongoing or hidden costs. We believe in complete transparency. However, we provide and recommend a low-cost annual inspection of your system and, where required, the annual renewal of your web service which allows you to access your cameras through the internet and your mobile phone. The cost for this is currently £27.50 per year.

Are there any current job vacancies?

The only vacancies currently available are commission-only sales people.

Technical Queries

What if I currently don’t have wireless broadband setup?

We have a range of cameras with wireless capabililty. To access the cameras externally, an ‘always on’ broadband connection is required. If you require wireless broadband, we can supply a wireless router with prices starting from approximately £45.

Do you offer wired (non wireless) CCTV solutions?

Yes, wireless cameras are not feasible for all installations. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of wired cameras. In general, if you are considering installing CCTV with more than 2 cameras, it is more cost effective to go for a wired solution.

What are my legal responsibilities as a CCTV operator?

Current legislation permits external home CCTV systems. Indeed, the police encourage their use to deter and record crime. Home security is a legitimate use for security cameras providing the cameras are primarily focused on your property and not the public highway or the property of others which could be deemed an invasion of their privacy. Blackwood CCTV will ensure this upon installation and is happy to advise any CCTV owners if they have any concerns or encounter issues.

Do I require a PC or a laptop?

You will require a PC or a laptop to get the full benefits from your home CCTV setup. However, you do not require a dedicated laptop or PC; the family laptop or PC will do fine and will not restrict its normal use in any way. Furthermore, a mobile phone may also be used to access the cameras from any location with a signal, but you may not get the same level of functionality.

Will I require an electrician to supply power to the cameras?

No, as part of the installation we will run the necessary power to the cameras from the most appropriate supply.

Will CCTV use much of my broadband allowance?

CCTV cameras use very little of your broadband allowance. The cameras typically do not use any more than 1GB per month through average remote viewing whereas most home broadband packages have a fair usage policy of around 30GB per month.

Do I require a specific broadband package?

No, you can continue to use your existing broadband provider.

Will the cameras still be useful at night?

All our cameras have infra-red as standard, which means they can still function and record in the dark up to a range of about 30 metres.

Are wireless cameras safe to use?

Our wireless cameras use the latest digital technology which is secure, free of interference from household devices, and offer crystal clear video and audio.

Our pledge

We are confident that we can provide a reliable, high quality, low cost CCTV installation that will beat our competitors on value and service.

Free quotations

We will be very happy to visit you at your convenience, discuss your requirements and provide you with a free, written, no obligations quotation.

Our guarantee

All Blackwood CCTV work is fully insured and guaranteed for 12 months. Reasonably priced extended warranties are also available.

About us

We are a local, family-run business that prides itself in offering a prompt, friendly and professional service. 

Free quotations
We will come and assess your requirements and provide you with a free written no obligation quotation
All work guranteed and insured

All work is covered by a £1000,000 public liabililty insurance policy.

All work is guaranteed for 12 months, although extended warranties are available.

We will not be beaten on price or service

We are confident that we can beat any of our competitors on price.

We are a local family run business that always prides ourselves on offering a friendly service at the very highest standard possible.